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Lightspress Media embraces a lo-fi philosophy toward tabletop roleplaying. It’s more important for a book to be useful than pretty. Any graphic elements should be text enhancement, not page filler or eye candy. Physical books should be concise, portable, and durable. This approach yields useful, affordable toolkits that are both helpful and affordable. Tabletop roleplaying isn’t a fancy, expensive book. It’s the magic of the players’ collective creativity. Our mission is to provide what you need to play, then get out of the way.

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DoubleZero: Modern Roleplaying

Originally designed for action, espionage, and thriller adventures, this character-forward, skill-driven system is perfect for mysteries, police procedurals, and crime dramas based on your favorite television series, movies, and novels. DoubleZero was designed to work with any modern setting that doesn’t lean heavily into magic, the supernatural, or superpowers. With a variety of settings and adventures available, the DoubleZero system offers something for everyone.

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Foragers Guild Fantasy Roleplaying

The Foragers Manifesto is a character-forward, story-driven system that borrows familiar fantasy roleplaying tropes while encouraging creativity, cooperation, and player agency. The Foragers Guild Guides are system-neutral sourcebooks, usable with the Manifesto or any fantasy roleplaying system, offering toolkits for characters, organizations, worldbuilding, and adventures. These books are for roleplayers that love to create their own material and unleash their imagination without the traditional limitations of legacy systems.

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System-Neutral Toolkits

The system-neutral line was designed for use with any mechanics, any setting, and any genre. From character development to worldbuilding to adventure design, there is something for everyone. These bestselling books help you to unleash your imagination and create unique and original material for your favorite roleplaying worlds. Designed for roleplayers who prefer to create their own material rather than rely on published sourcebook, the system-neutral line offers something for everyone.

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